'Your,' Justin Marc Lloyd's newest effort, is an 11-track/57-minute vivid and conceptual effort intended as a highlight of JML's output. It acts as a slightly higher-fi, more focused follow-up to the double-CDr set “Erroneous Zones” (Rainbow Bridge, edition of 22). However, this does not mean it lacks awkwardly dynamic meanderings that are performed in such a way that they are “relevantly juxtaposed” alongside whatever other gunk is bubbling. Sometimes it is as if the spitting is the guitar figure, while any remnant of loosely timed string plucking is just metaphysical accompaniment conducted by some aspect of nature. The album draws a broad range of inspiration from industrial music and abstract electronic composers, but somehow simultaneously, it suspiciously smells of krautrock, post-punk, and no-wave stylings, like it's all fighting to be heard at times. And although the grit of shrill electronic devices arguing with each other has it's place in 'Your' (as heard in 'Panic Dreams' or the 'Feeling Submissive' tracks), the album also explores the psychedelic side of textural discordance (best portrayed in both 'Most Of The World' and 'Justice Trap And/Or Party'). It is worth mentioning that valleys of space for choral carrier-bleed and hiss are always within reach among the moments of minimalism and punctuation; the wrinkled tape-tape loops cycling, or the modified keyboards barely sputtering down-tempo'd sequences through a cheap pitch-down effect. All “problems” easily “fixed,” but the embracing and flirtation with imperfection and dysfunction is an obtuse and vital aspect of JML's work.

The album as a whole JML describes as “a collection of audible manifestations of (sur)realized aspects of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. This not only includes it’s core values as legitimately important, but also a hefty fascination with the bland and banal stigma of “self-help” in our culture.” REBT is defined as a comprehensive, active-directive, philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focuses on resolving emotional and behavioral problems and disturbances and enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

The CD’s eco-pak packaging features stream-of-consciousness mixed-media art printed on all sides of the packaging. The inside contains a xeroxed page of art and lyrics along with the CD, which doubles as a full-color Wayne Dyer mask. (Wayne Dyer is a motivational speaker and the author of “Your Erroneous Zones.”) The whole thing is distributed in a clear plastic CD sleeve/bag for protection.

This staple in JML’s discography is a very self-defining release, much like the Year Of The Water Dragon series, or the Anxiety Flood Cont. c22 that is now pending a re-release. ‘Your’ was released by California’s popular noisy imprint Love Earth Music, who is also home to releases by Crank Sturgeon, Merzbow, Brutal Truth, Cock E.S.P., Bastard Noise, KK Null, and the label’s family collective, +DOG+. It is being sold for only $6 and is limited to just 150.